Our Values

Partner of Choice - “Earn it”

  • Add value in every interaction
  • Walk the talk – be responsive and live up
    to our commitments – do what we say we will do
  • Treat all our partners with respect
  • Build long term trust-based relationships

Intellectually Honest – “Ego Doesn’t Get in the Way”

  • Fact-based analysis
  • Thorough diligence
  • Full disclosure – no spin required
  • Seek, encourage and respect the views of all partners (including investors and management teams)

Learn From Experience

  • Be curious – seek opportunities to learn
  • Take ownership of mistakes and learn from them
  • Retain acumen for the long-term

Committed to “A” Performance – “Whatever it Takes”

  • From ourselves and our management teams
  • Deliver superior risk-adjusted returns

Enjoy Life

  • Work hard and have fun
  • Commitment to health, family and community